Nimway® is our high capacity, quick make-up riser connector, designed for CWOR (completion & workover riser) applications.

Nimway’s novel tensioned sleeve design evolved from SRP’s experience designing high pressure dynamic flanges: the array of tightened bolts in a conventional flange is replaced by a single stretched sleeve. Preloading is achieved by applying direct hydraulic force and the sleeve is locked in place with the collar.

  • Full preload.
  • No torque.
  • No galling.
  • No error.

All functions are automated on SRP’s spider and make-up tool, which maximises safety and enables an equivalent make-up speed to a threaded connector.

Qualifications & design path

  • 5″ and 7″ 10ksi API Spec 17G WD7 Qualified (full Annex I testing)
  • Open water and in-riser CWOR, with designs and qualification plans to ISO 13628-7, API 17G and API TR8 for 5” and 7” up to 20ksi in water depths to 3,000m.
  • High pressure drilling riser connector for 19.25″ and 15ksi WP operation.
  • Nimway provides the security of a flange but with far fewer components and simplified make-up. The connector is being developed further for high pressure and dynamically loaded permanent subsea connections.



  • Dual bore
  • Single bore
  • Non-rotating connection
  • Quick make-up
  • Stronger than the pipe
  • Large internal drift, limited external drift
  • High bending locations
  • Metal-metal seal and dual elastomer backup
  • Available as weld on or integrally forged
  • Also available as a crossover from your preferred T&C connection


  • Repairable Inconel weld clad seal pockets
  • Replaceable Inconel seal ring
  • Replaceable fasteners
  • Fully compliant with NACE / ISO 15156-2
  • Nimway is not torqued, giving +/-2.5% make-up accuracy (10x better than T&C or drillpipe connections)
  • Virtually unlimited make/breaks.
  • Low geometric SAF (2.5) for enhanced fatigue life.
  • 2 minute make up using SRP’s automated spider and make-up tool
  • Up to 90ft welded riser joints, so only one third of the connections

NIMWAY is patented technology under European patent EP2831478 B1 and U.S. patent 9,650,845.
NIMWAY is a Registered Trade Mark of Subsea Riser Products Limited.