Subsea mooring connector

Rocksteady® is an auto-latching subsea mooring connector that is smaller and more capable than any other in its class.

Reliable connection and long term performance

Rocksteady subsea mooring connector can be installed in any orientation, and has been proven in testing to 15┬░ installation angle and latch at up to 3 metres / second.

The ROV locking mechanism is inspired by wellhead collet connectors, transferring the load to forged load shoulders and generating a high clamping force (or preload) in the mating parts.

Preload option gives the Rocksteady subsea mooring connector unparalleled fatigue performance and the unique capability to accommodate bending, tension, shear and torsion loads.

Flexibility for your project needs

Rocksteady is qualified at any size up to 3,000t and in compact form factors for renewable energy systems.

The connector can also be supplied to suit a variety of interfaces including chain, shackles, rope sockets, articulating bearings and pipe weld necks.

We work closely with our sister company InterMoor for our mooring projects.

Rocksteady has a range of associated internal tensioning tools, high bending variants and quick disconnect options.

Rocksteady applications

  • Acoustic remote disconnect of mooring lines (available through InterMoor)
  • MODU connection to prelaid moorings.
  • Subsea connections in permanently moored rigs and FPSOs.
  • Structural pile connections, including wind and wave power applications.

Rocksteady advantages

  • Half the size & weight of other subsea mooring connectors, with associated cost benefit.
  • ABS & DNV qualification
  • Faster to install – automatic high speed latch, large guide funnel and 25┬░ installation angle means you connect in rough seas.


  • Remote control by acoustic (subsea) or radio (surface)
  • Lock status and tension data
  • Non-preloaded with automatic lock
  • ROV or diver manual override
  • Direct hydraulic control

ROCKSTEADY is patented technology under European patent EP2800685 B1 and U.S. patent no. 10,144,488.
ROCKSTEADY is a Registered Trade Mark of Subsea Riser Products Limited.