Link latch is our economy subsea connector which is constructed almost entirely from fabricated plate materials.

Operational benefits include automatic azimuth alignment and latch, with manual lock and unlock with clear visual indication.

It is ideal for low tensile load, high shear load, and relatively static applications, or manufacture by a fabrication yard locally / in-country.

Link latch undergoing SIT prior to deployment in the North Sea in 2011
Load (tensile)Typically < 100t
Tested up to 2,000t
Water depthAny – unsealed
Corrosion protectionNORSOK System 7 paint, PTFE internally, cathodic protection
Azimuth capture45°, larger is possible
Azimuth alignment
Lateral tolerance1% of diameter
Lock / unlock methodROV torque bucket
Hydraulic motor
Electric motor

Link latch can be integrated directly to a hull, gravity base or pile structure; and as with any of SRP’s subsea connectors, we can integrate sensors, acoustic remote controls and complete automation.

SRP has designed and tested link latch up to 2,000t capacity