Along with our standard gated cased wear joints (CWJ) for completion and workover risers (CWOR), we offer a sealed wear casing, which greatly improves rig floor safety in the event of riser string failure.

The sealed cased wear joint seals on both riser pipe and umbilical lines along the full length of the wear casing, enabling the rig diverter system to safely vent gas away from the rig floor in any position even with heave compensation active.

Interlocking modules enable construction of any length wear casing. Each module is split axially, enabling assembly to any riser joint; and the hinged doors can be quickly closed and fastened vertically on critical path.

The sealed wear casing offers a step change in rig floor safety with comparable running speed of traditional cased wear joints.


  • Completion workover risers (CWOR)
  • Drillstring risers (DSR)
  • Compatible with all riser systems including T&C, forged or union nut connectors
  • Available with integrated joint and our extreme capacity Nimway® connectors


  • Mitigate risk of hydrocarbon leak to rig floor in the event of riser or SSTT failure
  • Trapped fasteners prevent loss downhole
  • Modular design suit any length wear casing
  • Steel construction offers high lateral load capacity with no umbilical crush
  • FEA checks against 100 year storm condition


Typical application dimensions are in the table below, we can design and fabricate to your specification.

Drift outer diameter483mm (19″)
Umbilicals / annulus linesUp to 3 * 65mm OD
CWOR pipe OD (casing ID)265mm (10.4″)
Module length1500mm (60″)
Bending moment capacity500kNm
  • Gas and hydro leak rate tested
  • Zero leak rate specification optional