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Sealed Wear Casing

Along with our standard gated cased wear joints (CWJ) for completion and workover risers (CWOR), we offer a sealed wear ...
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Handling tools

Evolved from Rocksteady’s proven high capacity collet locking mechanism; this ATEX handling tool can lift, fill and pressure test large ...
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Our bolsters provide maximum safety during handling, transport and storage of large riser joints; preventing damage to riser monitoring systems, ...
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SRP’s hydraulically actuated riser spider has been used to successfully deploy, retrieve and hang-off risers during one year storms in ...
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Riser flanges

SRP has developed a number of large diameter flange designs for high pressure riser applications, including shallow water jack-up and ...
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Nimway® is our high capacity, quick make-up riser connector, designed for CWOR (completion & workover riser) applications. It features metal ...
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