Offshore heavy lift tool

The Rocksteady® lift tool is a quick connector for heavy offshore lifting operations. A fail-safe and visually verifiable lock guarantees safe lifting while saving hours of sling handling.

Save time

The Rocksteady lift tool represents a step change in lifting operation speed: disconnect and reconnect from payloads in seconds saving hours of rigging up/down for heavy lifts. Rocksteady is optimised for crane hook motion, with wide funnels and generous capture angles, we have proven in testing over 15┬░ installation angles and land at up to 3 metres / second.

Cost-efficient receptacles can be pre-installed to any equipment to be lifted, including hammers, vibro-hammers, transition piece lifting tools, pile lifting tools, containers and baskets.

Maintain flexibility

Rocksteady heavy lift tool uses standard lifting interfaces (shackles, slings), to enable rapid change-over and prevent downtime if your lifting schedule changes. Receptacles can also be integrated in the lifted equipment, to save additional sling lengths and minimising hook height.

As safe as a shackle

The Rocksteady lift tool uses the same battle-tested connection mechanism of all our Rocksteady product lines. The connecting mechanism is inspired by wellhead collet connectors, the load is transferred through machined forged load shoulders produced to the highest offshore quality.

We have engineered the locking mechanism to prevent disconnection while loaded, even with a complete loss of hydraulic or onboard power. Manual override permits easy disconnection even in the event of loss of hydraulic supply. Clear visual indication of lock/unlock status provides a quick reference to all personnel that a lift is safe to proceed.

Rocksteady advantages

  • Cost efficient design with low part count for easy offshore maintenance
  • Low cost “pancake” style receptacle can be easily integrated or machined into lifted equipment
  • Flexible control options – remote control, hydraulic, mechanical override
  • Field proven design, used in dozens of critical lifts in offshore applications
  • Offshore heritage, we hold ABS & DNV manufacturing approvals and product qualification for mooring applications
  • Impossible to partially lock – clear confirmation of safety with visual feedback


  • Fixed offshore wind installations
  • Pile lifting tools
  • Transition piece lifting tools
  • Hydraulic hammer and vibro-hammers
  • Large diameter drilling equipment
  • Suction pile deployments (subsea)
  • Subsea equipment
  • Marine and top-tensioned risers


  • Direct hydraulic control
  • Radio remote control, handheld or crane cabin integration
  • Acoustic remote control for subsea deployments
  • Central pull-in line (improved tag line)
  • Receptacle designs to suit your equipment, including bolted flange and self-righting. Refer to the datasheet for details.

ROCKSTEADY is patented technology under European patent EP2800685 B1 and U.S. patent no. 10,144,488.
ROCKSTEADY is a Registered Trade Mark of Large Diameter Drilling Limited.