Bearings are a cost effective method of limiting peak loads and fatigue damage in components subject to oscillating motions, such as in mooring lines and riser towers.

We conduct detailed FEA of bearings to predict wear, which is useful in high and eccentrically loaded applications, when the bearing manufacturer will not recommend use. We have also independently tested spherical and cylindrical bearings for use in oscillating subsea applications and can provide engineering support to integrate bearings in your system.

We can also package articulating bearings with the Rocksteady connector, which can withstand extreme cyclic bending loads; to provide a robust and reliable structural connection system.


  • Mooring line connections.
  • Hybrid riser tower pile and buoyancy can connections.
  • Riser storm hang-off.
  • Structural pile connections, including wind and wave power applications.


  • Reduced capital cost: typically a bearing system will be less than half the price of an equivalent elastomer articulation system.
  • Quicker to deliver.
  • Simple design and shorter lead times.