Our products include the Rocksteady subsea mooring connector, an acoustic quick disconnect mooring connector, and Rocksteady remote control lifting tool.

Rocksteady QD

Rocksteady QD is our Quick Disconnect variant of the Rocksteady® subsea mooring connector, developed exclusively for our sister company InterMoor ...
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Rocksteady SMC

Subsea mooring connector Rocksteady® is a quick subsea mooring connector that is smaller and more capable than any other in ...
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Rocksteady TT

The Rocksteady tensioning tool (TT) is a subsea mooring line tensioning system to simplify the installation and replacement of mooring ...
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Bearing systems

Bearings are a cost effective method of limiting peak loads and fatigue damage in components subject to oscillating motions, such ...
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Rocksteady V

Rocksteady V is a variant of our field proven Rocksteady ® subsea mooring connector designed specifically for hull or pile ...
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