Nimway technology readiness

In early 2014, SRP completed a successful proof of concept test of a full-size 15,000psi Nimway™ connector as the first step to the qualification for completion and workover riser applications.

Nimway™ is made-up using bolt tensioning technology, so the test was designed to prove the repeatability of make/break, as well as to validate the finite element analysis completed on the connector.

Strain was measured at key locations as over 1000t of tensile load was applied to the sleeve with hydraulic bolt tensioners and the connector was made up and then hydrotested to 22,500psi.

Repeatability of make/break was proven over 8 cycles, with average strain values varying by less than 2% and within just 2.4% of the values predicted in computer analysis. This predictability and accuracy of Nimway™ demonstrates the advantage of the directly tensioned make-up method over torqued connectors, which can suffer 25% preload variability due to friction and galling.

The connector successfully passed two 15 minute hydrostatic tests at 22,500psi, showing no signs of face separation or leakage from the metal seal.

The tests gave SRP and Acteon the confidence to invest in a full qualification programme of 5” and 7” 10,000psi Nimway™ connectors to service the well intervention market.